Yes, we can have both.

MOI™ Makes You Sysadmin of Your World.

For years the experts have been talking about giving you control over the use of information about yourself.

Now, MOI™ (MyOwnInformation™) actually makes it happen!

MOI starts with the Solid personal Pod platform, developed by the MIT team led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

We then put your MOI inside your PKIDR Wallet Cloud, accessed via your phone’s PKIDR Wallet App for rock-Solid security.

MOI then adds important legal components to Solid, turning your personal information into your personal intellectual property, protected by both international copyright and secrecy law.

Your PKIDR Wallet is FREE, so get yours now!

Then when you have your PKIDR Wallet (App + Cloud) you can add your MOI and take control of the use of information about yourself!

Tell Silibandia (Silicon Valley + the broadband and media industries) that you’re leaving their plantation.

Take ownership of the digital you today!

Own Your Information

5:47 minutes

Own Your Privacy

9:49 minutes

Your Personal Information Ownership Infrastructure

6:42 minutes